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The IX Wallet multi-cluster blockchain system architecture guarantees the highest standard of security as well as transparency for the customers.

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  • bitcoinBitcoin$9,542.39-0.48%
  • bitcoin-cashBitcoin Cash$253.581.32%
  • ethereumEthereum$239.78-0.03%
  • litecoinLitecoin$47.000.76%

The Multi-Currency IX Wallet

As an IX Wallet user you can not only transfer, receive and hold crypto but also build a passive income. In the near future the IX crypto development team plans on providing low transaction fees by allowing internal exchanges of the most prominent cryptocurrencies, leaving the IXWallet independent of third party platforms.

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The IX Wallet Passive Income

  • The customer earns an interest on a HOLD balance. The HOLD interest depending on HOLD Balance category.
  • IX Wallet offers four categories for each accepted currency with different interest rates.

IX Wallet - Multi Currency Wallet With Low Fees Exchange Feature

How IXWallet works?

Sign up to your secure Wallet and start benefiting from it. Earn with IXWallet from 9 % to 20.5 % monthly interest rate depending on HOLD Balance category.

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Send, Receive and Hold Crypto with IXWallet

IXWallet offers many features while still keeping it quick, simple and intuitive for the wallet user. The main goal is to bring profits to the customers. Therefore, IX Wallet provides four categories for every cryptocurrency with different monthly interest rates and daily payments to customers balance.

Send, Receive and Hold Crypto with IX Wallet
  • Category 01 (Daily Accruals: 0.3% | Monthly Interest: 9%):

    0.015 – 0.1 BTC | 0.25 – 1.75 BCC | 0.5 – 3 ETH

  • Category 02 (Daily Accruals: 0.4% | Monthly Interest: 12%):

    0.1 – 0.5 BTC | 1.75 – 8.5 BCC | 3 – 15 ETH

  • Category 03 (Daily Accruals: 0.5% | Monthly Interest: 15%):

    0.5 – 1.85 BTC | 8.5 – 33.5 BCC | 15 – 60 ETH

  • Category 04 (Daily Accruals: 0.6% | Monthly Interest: 18%):

    1.85 – ∞ BTC | 33.5 – ∞ BCC | 60 – ∞ ETH

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No hidden fees with IX Wallet!

The IXWallet team is very proud to announce that neither for receiving cryptocurrency to your account balance nor for a withdrawal from your balance there exists a fee. Fees only have to be paid if the customer choose to withdrawal from a HOLD Balance which vary between 1-10% depending on how long the balance remained untouched.

IX Wallet – No hidden fees
  • Receiving to account balance  — 0%

  • Withdrawal from account balance — 0%
  • Withdrawal from HOLD balance within 1-15 days since deposit  — 10%

  • Withdrawal from HOLD balance within 16-30 days since deposit  — 5%

  • If the HOLD balance has remained untouched in system for over 30 days — 1% HOLD balance withdrawal fee.

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IX Wallet Team | IX Wallet Presentation

IX Wallet is brought to you by the Management and Development Team behind such projects as Stratis ICO, Binance and BNCEX. A well experienced team of individuals will create a real secure decentralized Bank. Yang Li (left) is the System Architect of IX Wallet. Sergey Storojuk (middle) is responsible for the blockchain development. William Clark (right) is the product manager of IX Wallet.

Watch the IX Wallet YouTube Video (!) below to get a better idea of IX Wallet. The video / presentation was created by one of the IX Wallet Affiliate members.

IX Wallet - Team
IXWallet industrial innovation

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IXWallet Roadmap

IX Wallet developers strive for solutions which satisfy the customers. The IX Roadmap shows future plans for IX progression.

Read the full IX Wallet Roadmap

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