IX Wallet Benefits

IX Wallet developers strive for solutions which satisfy the customers. The Roadmap shows future plans for IX progression.

August 2019:
Crypto Exchange Platform

The plans considering IX Ecosystem incorporate an internal trade for most acknowledged crypto currencies. This is a significant step in our advancement as IX Wallet will be able to work independently of third party platforms, for lower transaction fees as well as upgrade our security system.

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September 2019:
Crypto Terminal Network

The IX Crypto Terminal Network is announced for September 2019! To expand into the offline world, we want to build a network of instant exchange cash-2-crypto terminals. Customers will be able to take the best offers and see the operation almost instantly after confirmation.

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October 2019:
Hardware Crypto Wallet

The economical model of service will be strongly intertwined with cryptocurrency, particularly IX Token. IX Drive application will be connected to the customers’ wallet for Car Sharing services. This way the costs can automatically be withdrawn from your crypto balance. A simple and secure way!

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Q4 / 2019:
Crypto Assets Management

IX Crypto Assets Management is announced for Q4 / 2019. The IX Wallet Team ambitions is to go past being just a crypto wallet, hence we have to utilize the best components of current banking framework. IX Wallet will be implemented in this network to bring the best service.

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Q1 / 2020:
Decentralized Payment System

An straightforward blockchain innovation and customer-oriented administration is what makes the company capable of initiating a new digital economy. We will allow online shops (who accept crypto and banking payments) using the IX Merchant Account.

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Q2 / 2020:
Global Car Sharing Service

The economical model of benefit will be profoundly bounded with crypto, particularly IX Token. IX Drive application will be associated along with customers wallet for Car Sharing benefit might be handled consequently from customers balance.

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A smart and secure way to invest in crypto

The idea of IX Wallet is to reinvent conventional saving systems by using present day technological advances to generate a special passive income stream.

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